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Porn Website “Honor”


The news is out that pornographic website "PlanetOut" has named newly ordained Episcopalian Homosexual Bishop, Vicki GeneRobinson, "Person of the Year." Wait a minute! Wasn't one of the multitude of scandals that came to light before the event of his
ordination a revelation of connection with a porn website? Oh yes, it was a link from a youth oriented website. Young people, the prey of pedophiles, many of whom are homosexuals, was the focus of that operation. At the time of the first porn website "revelation" the debate was raging around his ordination as a bishop.

What should have been going on was the procedure to remove this pervert priest, not elevate him. But the Episcopalian church has been in compromise so long its controllers no longer have a sense of shame. But then neither does Vicki Gene Robinson. The award Robinson received was for "unprecedented achievement and its impact on the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community." Robinson said receiving the award was "quite humbling." That was an amazing statement in itself since humility has not been an attribute of Robinson any more than it has been of any other sexually aggressive pervert.

Oh yes, he is supposed to have a pervert partner. But he has been accused of groping people by such persons as David Lewis of Manchester, Vermont. Of course Mr. Lewis used nicer terms than I have. He spoke of Robinson not maintaining appropriate boundaries, and putting his hands on him inappropriately "every time I engaged him in conversation." That is called groping.

The Episcopal church has become used to Bishops being connected with pornographic websites. After all, Bishop Spong blazed the trail in the field, becoming part of one after his retirement. At least I think he waited till his retirement before an open connection was made. Why the award? Robinson is the link to the current homosexual marriage movement and another move to lower the age of consent for the benefit of pedophiles.

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