British Psychic Hunt for Bin Laden

Dr. Michael L. Ford

2 April 2007


            Had the British Ministry of Defense kept up with the amazing predictions of prominent psychics from year to year they would have known at least three years ago Bin Laden is dead from kidney disease. If they had paid attention then they could have saved the £18,000 they spent on the project to find him by a process called “remote viewing.” Perhaps they were skeptical because of other predictions made that year like the Hoover Dam was going to collapse. But that did not give them enough insight into the world of prognostication to warn them away from trying to use psychics.

            Don’t get me wrong. Our British allies do not have the lock on paranormal dumbness. American intelligence tried to spy on the Russians in this manner during the Cold War. But the British can be a stubborn lot and given the amount of interest in the occult in England these days, as it drifts farther and farther away from Christianity, they probably have some within even the intelligence community caught up in occult fascination. Ignorance of the fact God condemned such endeavors in the Bible would not deter ‘spooks’ who think the ends might justify the means.

            Science journalist Gene Emery has been tracking tabloid forecasts for twenty-six years. He finds psychics are abysmal in their record for accuracy. Science has never documented any so-called psychic ability, but that does not keep us from being bombarded on television with all sorts of psychic and occult programming each day. There is a concerted effort to convince people, especially children, psychics have power. Curiously people in intelligence gathering have often showed an almost childlike gullibility for being fooled. I did hear several prominent psychics backed out of participation in the program when told they were going to be subjected to stringent “controls” in the project. Another clue to the folly of the project that got ignored!

            Anyway, the new MI5 chief, Jonathan Evans, canned the project when he took over on April Fool’s Day. He dismissed the project as having "no intelligence value." Could it be British Intelligence now has a leader who really is intelligent?

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