Your Television News

Dr. Michael L. Ford

22 September 2005


            Though I hate to admit it, the truth is I am writing about something most people do not watch. News programs are often ignored by the great majority because they do not want to be bombarded with bad news unless it is the made up kind that passes for entertainment. So I admit at the start that I am addressing a minority who are trying to find out what is going on in the world by watching “t.v. news.”

            Have you ever wondered when being bombarded nonstop with reports on hurricanes; missing young women who should have known better than to be where they were at; celebrity criminal proceedings, just what was really going on in the world? Something must be happening, but you are not getting it on the news bites that come from nightly news or even the 24 hour news stations. Why is that? Laziness, conspiracy, or cheap operation?

            When Katrina hit the “Big Easy” no one told you their emergency management people were already under federal investigation. The reason? Multiple accounts of misusing funds, much of which had been earmarked for improvements on the flood protection system of New Orleans. Not heard on nightly news!

            How much time has television news given to governments in change during recent times? The answer is little to none. But big changes are in the works for several nations that are going to alter long standing relationships between powers. The Japanese are likely to install a new government that will change their policy toward use of their military from what it has been since World War II. Is this a prophetically important event? There are also others!

            Watching television news one might have thought hurricanes hitting New Orleans was all that was going on in the world. You could almost have missed the rest of the Gulf Coast was pretty well torn up. How much did you hear about the President of Mexico wanting to flood the U.S.A. with Mexican workers to earn the federal clean up money? Did you hear anything during that time about the American dollar being under attack by the Petroleum conglomerate known as the GCC? It may soon cost so much to drive people cannot afford to go to work. Who Heard!!

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