Democratic Plan to Stop Bush

Planned Campaign Actions to target Key Swing-States


The Democratic Party jargon is that a restoral of  political sanity is needed.. They want to bring together activists of every stripe. This is in itself a problem because such an action constitutes a house divided. Everybody cannot hope to accomplish their agenda in such a coalition. But the Democratic Party is promoting the idea that the Republican Party leaders, the "Bush bunch" is somehow undemocratic. They want to get together people of every stripe to send them "packing."

Tolerance is not the rule, and the bugaboo to be feared is the specter of war. If you are for the Bush agenda you are not a thinking person, you are a warmonger. Never mind that terrorism has declared war on the United States and that the nation is in danger of destruction from multiculturalism. Democrats are going to push the idea that Bush has intentionally sacrificed the lives of Americans so corporations like Halliburton can reap vast profits. They are chanting that the "Bush “War on Terror” is merely an artifice constructed to hide that fact." Bush is being presented as a "maniacal dictator" to those who are willing to listen. Bush has been accused of not telling the American people that he planned to invade Iraq in his 2000 presidential campaign. That argument presupposed that he did not respond to terrorist attacks upon the United States but pursued his own agenda from the start.

            In the anti-Bush campaign we are being told by the Democrats that his "unilateralist foreign policy has succeeded in uniting the entire world against us." That is an out and out lie. And if it were true it would not matter if the rest of the world's interests were opposed to what is needed to protect the nation he is charged with the care of. Democrat leadership has lost sight of what country they are supposed to be concerned with the well being of.

             The Democrats have long declared that they have the corner on the market when it comes to compassion. In that name they have embraced every freaky and off the wall idea that you can think of. It is no surprise that the fact Bush styled himself as a “compassionate conservative” would be infuriating to them. The main focus of the response to his claim of compassion is to proclaim that he desires to strip women of their right to choose, and that he has made an assault on working people and the environment, and that his federal deficits are nothing but deceitful radicalism. Calling Bush a radical puts what is in control of the Democratic Party so far to the left there is no word left for them. Democratic jargon leaves no room for compassion for the unborn or for the multitudes of women suffering from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome; it ignores an improving economy; it leaves no place for consideration of what they do not want you to know. That if the Democratic Congress had approved the Bush energy plan the country would not be suffering from $2 a gallon gas prices right now. Democrats have redefined what compassion means to suit their own ends. I am not a Republican but I regret that I ever was a Democrat.

            The Federal government has one major responsibility and that is to defend the country against foreign invaders. Let us get that straight. So much the Federal government does was never planned for in the Constitution. It has been reinterpreted and the agenda those liberals would pursue has to do with the new interpretations. I am not sure how long this country could endure the installation of a new regime dedicated to social experimentation instead of defense of the nation. The Democrats are going to talk about "an emerging military-industrial complex that would abuse our military might to benefit the few." While I would agree that controls are needed upon the arms industry, we must also realize that the arms industry is needed for defending the nation. The Democrats have decried the lack of modern body armor for the troops. Guess what? Body armor is produced by a military industrial complex. The reason we did not have good body armor when I was on duty and the reason there is a shortage today is that it has not been provided for in previous budgets passed by a Congress that had money for abortions and pictures of the virgin Mary covered with buffalo dung.

The Democratic Party is telling us that Bush has wrought damage to the nation, but I wonder how many more terrorists attacks would have already occurred within the United States if the Democratic candidate of 2000, Al Gore had been elected? Democrats say the Bush administration is collapsing under the weight of its lies and deceptions. I have no doubt there are lies and deceptions. But my question is who has been the greater liars, and they are running a candidate who in the spirit of Bill Clinton before him has made a career of lies and deceptions, such as those connected with his testimony about what happened in Vietnam. Kerry's political career was launched on lies and it has not changed since.

            The Democratic Party will be targeting what they consider to be key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Florida. If they can take these states and a few others, John Kerry will not only win the presidency, but the Demonic-rats may win the House and the Senate. The stakes have never been higher. It could well be that the very survival of the America that we know hangs in the balance with the outcome of the 2004 election. It is for sure that oppressed people in other countries will be affected. Some have reported that anti-Christian abuse decreased in some places when the transition from a Democratic Party White House to a Republican one took place. That is a real concern for people overseas that we should factor into the decision about who will be in the power, not the opinions of foreign nations who want to enrich themselves out of our weakness.

            Some of the material Democrats are producing for this election are as follows:

1. For contributions of $25 or more, they send a signed copy of The American Challenge. They also include Kerry for President, and We Helped Stop Bush bumper stickers:

2. Kerry v. Bush: Stark Contrasts, a powerful one-page handout.

3. Why Kerry Wins, a convincing two-page handout.

4. 65 Anti-Bush Presidential Talking Points, 32-pages.

5. Bush Blunders in Iraq, a one-page handout with an exit strategy.

5. 9/11: What Bush Knew and When He Knew It handout.

6. The Truth Behind the Bush Invasion of Iraq handout.

7. Why Bush Should Resign, a two-page handout.

8. The Truth Behind the Bush War of Terror, a three-page handout.

Having already read some of this material I am deeply saddened that we have people in this country who can indulge in such brazen deception to win an election. I am convinced that the country is in grave jeopardy.

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