Brokeback Public Education
Dr. Michael L. Ford
16 March 2006
	I have written so much critical of public education
that the educators, retired and active, that I know
must think I am the system’s sworn enemy. On the
contrary I am concerned a system that is generally
broke across America be repaired. Even where we have
godly educators in the classroom, the restrictions
that come down from Mount Olympus Washington makes for
an almost impossible teaching situation to overcome.
	When we are looking at a new bundle of tax money
about to be thrown at the problem, parents and
taxpayers have a right to be concerned about emerging
budget items, in which focus is more and more on
"communications ability,” via increases in
entertainment staging materials, in-school broadcast
equipment, theater, etc. Before we teach children how
to make sexually oriented movies in English classes
shouldn’t we teach them to speak and write proper
	High School student, Brandon Flyte at West Linn High
School, West Linn, Oregon, a young man with poor
attendance and poorer grades produced a film for an
English class assignment that included two boys in bed
together. He showed this film in his Marine Biology
class, which raises the question about what such a
perverted film would have to do with marine biology?
	Many, many things have steadily been infused into
schools to focus student attention and participation
around things I really question the need for. A film
loosely based on Hollywood morals and the pervert film
“Brokeback Mountain” is one of them. It would not have
been possible without the NEA backed emphasis on
promoting “diversity,” situation ethics, and so forth.
All in place of really educating young people, which
is what the average person thinks they are paying
taxes for.
	Brandon Flyte, who may be the next generation’s Larry
Flynt, did get expelled, unexpelled, transferred to a
junior college and untransferred in the wake of this
scandal. Officials say Flyte will now graduate this
spring if his grades and attendance record are
acceptable. What do you want to bet that even if they
are not, they will be? Pray for our schools and our
children in them. At this writing the only thing that
remains expelled from education is God. 

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