Tom Cruise Scientology’s New Christ

Dr. Michael L. Ford

23 March 2007


            One of the things about cults is they are most uncomfortable with the Christ/Messiah of the Bible. So they must either redefine the Christ of the Bible or invent a new figurehead to take that position. Science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard had been Scientology’s messianic figure even after his death. His book “Dianetics” has been described as the nearest thing to a sacred text Scientology has. But what makes a “christ figure” in Scientology is sort of hard to pin down since belief in a god or gods is considered a personal thing. Scientology speaks of a life energy or Theta and believes in reincarnation.

            Tom Cruise, born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, certainly has a strange enough last name if he wanted to use it to promote his “christness.” And he has unique features like writing right handed and doing almost everything else left handed. The left brain-right brain connection could be important in Scientology, I am not sure. And, it was through Scientology he supposedly advanced to overcome his dyslexia. I suppose in New Age terms he could be a sort of ascended master to guide others.

            What I really think is the thing that goes into making him a “christ figure” for them is the facts that he has invested a lot of money into the organization and he is continually seeking to proselytize people. He dates non-Scientologist women and seeks to convert them, and he sets up Scientology tents on movie locations where he is filming to try to win over the film crews. Quite a change from the fellow who was a Franciscan seminary student at the age of 14.

            But we have to be careful what we say about the whole Scientology business. This organization is just as vindictive as the Muslims. They have quite a history. Just saying that it appears that the reason they are so opposed to Psychology is because they have their own brand of it could be sufficient to make yourself a target. They have been known to get into people’s credit reports and mess them up, and they sued the Cult Awareness Network till it went bankrupt after that organization labeled it the most dangerous cult in America. Now the network is owned by Scientology. Hmm.

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