United Methodist Church Breeds Jew Haters

Dr. Michael L. Ford

28 April 2008


            When the news first broke the United Methodist Church had a movement afoot to divest the denomination of all investment in Israel a thought came to mind very much like I had when news had come about other liberal religious organizations doing the same thing. Some people are so stupid they will “cut off their nose to spite their face.” From a practical perspective investment in Israel has always been a profitable idea. Not only that, there are many good and worthwhile Israeli technologies Christians can invest in that promise to bless the whole world. But the issue was not about good investment a Christian could be proud of. It never was that at all. It was about anti-Semitism and bad theology. It was about hatred so ingrained as to make people have tunnel vision, perverted minds, and finally stupid actions.

            The actions of the United Methodist Church against Israel and also an American company, Caterpillar, who sells to Israel, impacted my life and emotions more deeply than some of the other denominations. I have friends and family in that organization. I have been praying particularly for one UMC church in Savannah, Georgia. It had been the church of the older cousin affectionately called “Uncle Bobby” and when he died his widow asked I continue praying for the spiritual ills of that particular congregation. Closer to my hometown, I have seen the social gospel proclaimed in local UMC churches cause friends I grew up with to turn away from Christianity and declare themselves atheists and agnostics. Moving further out of the path of God’s blessing by vilifying and attempting to do harm to the Jewish people by divestment demonstrated to me how blind UMC leadership is at its very core.

            Now comes the announcement the proposals aimed against Israel have been defeated in committee at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church. Look closely. You will not be seeing me jumping up and down, shouting hurrah, or proclaiming I think better of United Methodist leadership. UM Action Executive Director Mark Tooley may proclaim: "Anti-Israel Divestment seems to have died within the United Methodist Church. Good Riddance!" – but I know that at the center of the situation the liberals have had a small setback and they still continue programs of corruption and brainwashing within the organization. For instance, within the United Methodist Church children are still being propagandized into becoming anti-Semitics.

            The proclamation can be made that the policy of faulting Israel for strife in the Middle East, which led to the divestment move has been defeated, but I know better because I know what is still going on within its walls.  Case in point is the production of a children’s book intended to instill anti-Israel ideas among Methodist youngsters. The title of the book “From Palestine to Seattle: Becoming Neighbors and Friends” is designed to make children think Israelis or Jews are just a bunch of bullies that want to scare children and keep them from being able to go to a McDonalds. How many pieces of material like this that they have I do not know. But I do know the cancer inside the organization is still very much active.

            The book is produced by the United Methodist Women’s Division. How many other subordinate divisions are producing anti-Semitic material or even how many different things this group might be putting out is unknown to me. What is known is the impact their efforts have had on my friends in the past, who rejected not only the United Methodist Church but Christianity as well. Then there is the subject of reaching out to win to Messiah Jesus the dear Jewish people. Movements like divestment can harden attitudes toward Christianity and anti-Semitic literature can convince those Jews who give the Gospel some thought that they wasted their time and all Christians hate Jews.

            Clearly the United Methodist Women’s Division has an agenda of turning out a new generation of anti-Semites not a new generation of Christians. For that reason I take some comfort the denomination is dying. Its demise cannot occur to quickly for me since its continued existence will likely influence more people for hell than heaven. We do not need people working evil under the guise of Christianity. We need churches interested in proclaiming the Gospel and following the Savior, who by the way, happened to be a Jew…in Israel.

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