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Bad Day at Fallujah


This tenth day of April, 2004, may get a historical footnote. It may well be the start of the downturn of any hope for the United States to actually make a lasting impact in Iraq. Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, no doubt reacting to orders has called on Sunni militants in Fallujah to agree to a bilateral cease fire. This is a mistake. The only way to establish any form of peace in a Moslem country is to continue until the hostiles are either dead or surrendered.

These last days I have been incensed with people like Peter Jennings and his ilk as they have made war against the best interests of the United States. Showing scenes of some child laying on a hospital bad asking why the Americans had to come and shoot us? He should have had his question answered by the reporter. He should have been told that happened because you killed the very people who are in your country trying to make it work for your benefit better than it has in its entire history.

The violence and impatience being demonstrated at this time by the Moslem people living in Iraq shows why dictators and kings rule their lands. A depraved society cannot be a democratic society. It amazes me that Iraq leaders of the government that is currently trying to get established in Iraq go to these rebels and engage in talks with them. If they reach an accommodation with them now, these will become the same people who will execute them later. This has been the history of these people for a long time. They will repeat the pattern.

 American forces should not be standing down from victory. They will not accomplish their goals by dialogue and truces. I am also opposed to halting fight during so called holy days such as al-Arbaeen. This is allows the insurgents to control the war and such cease fires are only acts of convenience for them. They have historically not allowed religious holidays to affect their wars when it suited them not to do so. There is a difference between being ignorant of your enemy and dumb on purpose. I wonder, which is it?

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