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Russia in Bible Prophecy      


      There has been so much going on this first week in November 2003, that the problem in producing a back page is what to talk to the church about right now. The question was answered for me by a friend who asked, “Have you heard anything on communism lately?” Of course the conversation took off from there.

      The real issue has never been godless communism as such, but Satan’s agenda in the world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union I put together a presentation showing how the situation was more perilous than it was prior as Russia played up to its neighbors to the South, which are Islamic nations. Islam is playing a greater and greater role in the actions of Russia. The rebellion in Chechnya has been primarily about Islam. Putin’s statements related to this have been particularly insightful. But space prohibits recounting them.

      Putin did say that “If extremist forces manage to get hold of the Caucasus, this infection may spread up the Volga River, spread to other republics, and we will either face the full Islamization of Russia, or we will have to agree to Russia’s division into several independent states.” Islamic extremists have been affecting the conduct of Russian policy for some time. We have seen great evidence of this in things that have been revealed in relation to the war in Iraq.

      Lest we forget Bible prophecy makes it plain that Russia will invade the Middle East and her allies will be Islamic nations. (Ezekiel 38: 5-6) We saw before the collapse of the Soviet Union that Russia was closely allied with Islamic nations and in these last days these relationships have deepened and become more entangled.

      The question is what is the final thing that could keep America from being a player when these prophesied events occur? Several scenarios present themselves and all are equally possible of coming true at this time, so it is hard to say definitely what that will be. If the Lord allows we will write more about this in the weeks to come.


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