Persecution in India March 7,2004

Christians in India are persecuted both by Muslims and
Hindus. This account is just the sort of thing that is
going on over there all the time. How can we be
unconcerned when our brethren in Christ are suffering
so yet remaining faithful to His love?

Dear fellow saints of God
Praise be to the Lord Jesus
Eight Christian women in Orissa state in India,
including two 15-year-olds were dragged out of their
homes by approximately 45 Hindu extremists, some of
whom were their own relatives trying to force them to
renounce their faith. When the women refused, they
were beaten, stripped naked and forced to walk through
their village. When they were later threatened again,
they fled their homes with their families to seek
refuge in an evangelical Church. 
When interviewed on Indian television, they said their
faith was strong and they would not re-convert to
Hinduism. Reportedly, a Christian living in their
village for the past nine years had led them to the
Lord only recently. 

Reports in the area say that Hindu extremists are
actively trying to “create awareness about the evils
of Christianity” and have appointed Hindu
organizations to report any evangelistic outreaches in
the area. We remind you that Orissa has seen violence
against Christians before. In January 1999 Australian
missionary Graham Staines and his two young boys were
murdered by Hindu extremists. 

The women have been promised legal action against
those involved, but there have been no arrests thus

Please Pray: 

For the women and their families to continue to cling
to the Lord and that they would find strength and
comfort in Him. 
That God would give all the families wisdom as to if
and when to safely return home to their villages. 
For those involved in the persecution to be brought to
For our ministries, missionaries and the believers in
that area. 
For all persecution of Christians to end throughout
India and all would come to know Jesus Christ as their
personal Savior.
Yours in the Love of Messiah Jesus

Pastor Paul Ciniraj,
Salem Voice, Devalokam (P.O),
Kottayam, Kerala-686038, India. 

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