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Demise of the Liberal Left is a False Hope




            The folly of opposing the War for Iraqi Freedom as an operation has been shown to be a mistake. The liberal left was supposed to have been embarrassed by their position to the point where they had lost all credibility. Many of the media people who make their living by writing and talking has rushed to pronounce the demise of the left as a result, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of their death has been greatly exaggerated.

            Just this past week the National Organization of Women,[1] displayed that they were willing that no one be charged in the murder of an unborn child. Why? They feared such a charge in a nationally followed case would open the door the teeniest crack to the realization that an unborn child is exactly that and not a lump of mere fetal matter.

            Over the years the pronouncements from the left have run the gamut of areas where they have attacked everything from Christianity to the American Constitution. They gave us Global Cooling and when that did not work they gave us Global Warming. They gave us Big Brother in government while at the same time seeking to destroy the major reason for our Republic of States in the first place, the ability to provide for the common defense.

            Before the Gulf War the liberal left spent years rewriting history and coined a phrase called "McCarthyism" by which they would indict those who exposed anyone that revealed the un-American activities of their crowd. They perpetrated the lie that J. Edgar Hoover was a cross dressing homosexual in spite of the fact it has been revealed that this myth was actually born in the bowels of the KGB and perpetrated by felons like Susan B. Rosenstiel, who had personal enmity toward the director.[2] The truth has never stopped the liberal left and,

            Exposure of the truth has never deterred the liberal left from coming back with something else before, and I am quite sure that it has not turned them aside from their purposes now. And, what are there purposes? Well that depends on which one you happen to look into. Each has there own twisted set of reasoning for believing and acting as they do, but lies all stem from the father of lies the devil and his purposes are tied to his hatred of God and man who is made in God's image.


[1] Some of my friends have changed the last word to Witches because of some of the prominent members' religious preferences.

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