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Gun Control Issues 

The United Nations Is  Interested in How Many You Own

The United Nations is interested in how many guns American own. They councluded recently that Americans have by far the largest number of firearms owned by the public in the world. It is approaching the point where there is nearly one gun for every American according to the Small Arms Survey 2003. They may vies this situation with some alarm, but I see it as a sign American society has some hope for the near future. On the downside of this is the fact Europeans have been found to be far more heavily armed than was once supposed and that is not protecting their freedoms which are being eroded by an increasingly socialistic one-world society.

America and Russia supposedly lead the world in small arms production, producing about 70% of the total. Legal small arms production is estimated at $4billion a year. Surprisingly it is the European Union that dominates the international export market in arms however. In past years I made friends among people who were dealing in illegal weapons (according to the laws of their repressive governments) and I am quite aware that the so-called illegal trade in small arms is significant. I have to admit from my knowledge of the arms trade that small arms trade does not concern me as much as trade in heavy arms, and this is most often conducted by evil countries more than individuals.

The 238 to 276 million guns owned by private citizens is the second line of defense to foreign takeover of the United States. The first line of defense is people who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and acknowledge Him as the Lord of their lives. I am convinced that America's Independence was secured and its freedom was maintained by minutemen who owned their own weapons that had their aim steadied by the hand of an all powerful God. I am also convinced that if America falls away from that God far enough, no matter how much gun ownership there is, freedom will be lost.

The United Nation's Peter Batchelor was quick to raise the spector of violence connected with small arms ownership. This is the usual line we hear from people who want to take away arms and freedoms. The United Nations small arms study had as its goal from the outset stopping the trade in small arms. We usually think of that in connection with stopping civil unrest like you see in Liberia. But the UN hates America and cares little about deaths occuring in third world countries except when they can use such things to criticize us.

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