For Illegals Some Cow Tracking
Dr. Michael L. Ford
3 September 2006

	A little over two years ago my friend Don G_ sent me
an e-mail that proposed the question: “If the
government can track a cow born in Canada to the stall
where she sleeps in Washington State, determine what
she ate; track her calves to their stalls and tell
what they ate, why are they unable to locate 11
million illegal aliens wondering around the country?”
The truthful answer is they could if they wanted to.
Listen, the Democratic Party want the émigrés from
South of the border because when they get themselves
on voter registration lists they tend to vote with
their party. The Republicans want them because they do
not wish to appear racist; many want to turn the
Americas into a single economic sphere; and, they hope
to that a Spanish speaking President will help them to
hijack votes that should never be able to be cast in
the first place.
	The pressure on both political parties to clean up
their acts is minimal at best. The reason is they have
been fairly successful at ignoring the concerns posed
by citizens across the country; elected people have
turned a blind eye to the crimes committed to honest
citizens by illegal aliens and liberal traitorous
judges appointed in past decades. To this can be added
the fact much of the church, which historically has
imposed moral and ethical pressure on government, has
been bullied into silence with the IRS being used as
the weapon of intimidation. Many churches console
themselves by saying the wave of immigration, legal or
otherwise, is an opportunity for evangelism, but most
do not evangelize.
	It bothers me that the government can track people
easily. They can know where you are at any time
through cell phones and GPS equipment on vehicles.
They can know whom you speak to through phone and
Internet e-mail records. They can know what you buy
and eat through charge cards and nationwide companies’
record keeping. And, they can know what your interests
are through Internet tracking, magazine subscriptions,
and library records. My friend suggested every illegal
alien should be given a cow when he comes into the
country, but the truth is we are all setup to be
treated as the government’s cows.

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