National Geographic and the Gospel of Judas
Dr. Michael L. Ford
24 April 2006

	National Geographic has long been known to prefer
every evolutionary myth to the facts of Science and
the Bible, even for years after the follies of each
“theory” has been disproved. Like America’s supposed
newspaper of record its credibility rests only in the
minds of the gullible and willfully deceived. The
“Graphic’s” particular delusional meanderings in
anything related to the anthropological study of man,
particularly where the truth of Gospel claims are
concerned is well known. And, its nickname of “The
National Pornographic” has also long been well
	 My son in law wanted to make sure I did not miss its
latest foray into mass delusion, which aired this past
week, called the Gospel of Judas. He wanted my take on
the program and was not content with what I already
knew about the subject. I spent the time watching a
rather pitiful attempt to confuse people with the
difference between what is genuinely old and what is
genuinely truthful. You see, just because a document
is old does not mean that it is either honest or a
legitimate expression of accepted early Christian
	To accomplish their purpose they had to smear the
reputation of a good and faithful man of the second
century, a Bishop named Irenaeus, who studied under
Polycarp, who in turn had been trained by the Apostle
John. But the “Graphic” never allows a little matter
like truth to stand in its way when the objective is
to promote Gnosticism and its attendant heretical
works as legitimate Christian thought widely accepted
in the early church. In the sense of how they deal
with the truth during the showing the Gospel of Judas
they are a credit to the ancient Gnostics because they
never allowed truth to stand in their way either.
	In the desire to promote Gnosticism as something
Christian and the so-called Gospel of Judas as
something legitimate, a basic fact is ignored by the
“Graphic” and that is the origins of Gnostic thought
is older than Christianity. In fact its forbears in
the Egyptian schools were seeking to undermine Judaism
before their onslaught on Christianity took place.
Something to think on.

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