Russian Propaganda – Cheney Restarted Cold War

Dr. Michael L. Ford

20 August 2007


            It takes real gullibility to believe that back in May, Cheney ushered in a new Cold War with a speech made in Vilnius Lithuania. He did chastise Russia for using an “energy weapon,” withholding oil and gas from former members of the USSR to bully them into submission. But anyone who has been watching the Russians these past few years would be skeptical of the myth the USSR simply capitulated in the great ideological struggle. The fact elements of the Russian press would compare Cheney’s speech with Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech shows how much Soviet influence still exists in Russia.

            What has happened is exactly the thing foreseen some people with an interest in Eschatology predicted. Russia shifted gears in its conflict with the West; something it had done previously, using various forms of “glasnost” that made US politicians among others look foolish when the lid clamped down once again. This latest episode has allowed Russia to have an economic rebound, leaving it still a world power with a new influx of capital, much of it Western investment capital.

            Russia has always been a bully, even before the coming of communism. And, as it is becoming revitalized it can afford to be more and more an economic bully. After all, according to some figures it has the second largest oil and gas producing capacity in the world. They began using American drilling equipment to build pipelines into Europe when I lived in Germany and since then dependency on Russia as a fuel source has grown. For those of us interested in Bible prophecy this makes clearer the reasons for their interest in and attempts to influence events in the Middle East.

            Russia is dangerous for more reasons than just because it is a nuclear power. It is also a nuclear exporter. It is the country most instrumental in making Iran a nuclear danger to Israel and the whole world. It is all very interesting that they would work with Islamic radicals when they have their own homegrown version of them in their country. But then the Russian government is not above using its criminal gangs to advance their agenda either. There is an old saying about like attracting like! Watch Russia!

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