Alan Keyes for Senate

17 August 2004

            When I read that Alan Keyes was tossing his hat into the race for the Senate seat in Illinois I got excited. It is not just because he is going to give the ultra liberal Barak Obama a run for the seat Democrats thought they were going to have unopposed either. My reason for liking Alan Keyes is the things he holds dear have more in common with Christians than what most Republicans are about and virtually all Democrats. That is reason enough to be for him.

            If Alan Keyes does not win in Illinois, the GOP will probably go at least two more years without a single black member of Congress. For black people who are keenly sensitive to such things that fact is a serious argument against any belief that modern Republicans have the interests of all the people, particularly them at heart. The Grand Ole Party is more concerned with promoting their good ole boys just like the Democrats sometimes instead of supporting the best candidates. But this is not where the minds of a lot of people are. They need to learn that.

            In my home county Alan Poole will head the Board of Commissioners when new candidates are sworn in next year. He is a black man in a county that has a very small black minority in residence. In other words, Poole was elected over white GOP candidates by white voters. Why? Because they consider him a man with a level head that supports what is important to them. The Republican Party would do well to get the picture and throw all the support that is needed into helping Mr. Keyes get the word our in Illinois.

            Republicans swept Georgia and hurt themselves at the same time this year because they have yet to learn people voting are not loyal to a party any more. They are loyal to the causes they believe in. The party did not put money on the right people to keep power long term and voters will ultimately back causes whether the man promoting them is white, black, or yellow because this is America and many voters are seeing the good ole boys, Democrat and Republican are for themselves, not the people.

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