Presbyterian USA Leaders Anti-Semitic


            The Presbyterian Church (USA), 216th General Assembly meeting in Richmond, Virginia, 26 June thru 3 July 2004 approved a resolution to remove their investment funds from companies doing business in Israel. This is the same sort of move made by churches against apartheid in South Africa in the 70ís and 80ís. It does two things: It shows the prejudice of the leadership of the PCUSA against Israel in favor of the Palestinians. (anti-Semitism)  And it guarantees that they will not profit from the research and development powerhouse Israel has become. (Which is justice.)

            The wrongheadedness of the leadership may not be shared by the majority of PCUSA, some 2Ĺ million member strong, but they are stuck with the actions of the liberals and anti-Semites until there is an overthrow of those who hold the reigns of the denomination. The majority of informed Presbyterians realize that Israel is the only democracy in the region. They also know that unlike where Arabs hold power, Israel allows Christians freedom of worship. Christians share with Israel a belief in the same God. Muslims worship a moon god named Allah, who was the tribal god of Mohammedís people when they were polytheistic.

            The resolution blames Israel for the violence in the region. It makes Israel responsible for civilians murdered by the PLO and other terrorist groups, which is nonsensical. What they are endorsing is the end of Israel hidden in euphemistic language. There is a myth PCUSA leadership is endorsing that says Israel is occupied territory that belongs to another. In the end the only thing that can be said about the resolution is that it is both morally offensive and unworthy of any people who claim to have knowledge of and belief in the Bible. It demonstrates the need of the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a change in leadership, a need that is shared by many American denominations these days.

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