UFO Mystery Explanation

Dr. Michael L. Ford

27 January 2007


            Readers of my Daily Digest know I have been following the case of an Unidentified Flying Object seen by Col. Brian Fields, U.S. Air Force retired. I became interested in this particular sighting because a pilot with years of experience making aerial observations reported it. This type of observation is more creditable than a report made by a character like Jimmy Carter or someone whose interests already run into areas of the occult. When I read the original news article, I became even more interested because Col. Fields was a Christian and had made a connection between what he saw and biblical prophecy.

            My interest continues after the report that this UFO mystery has been solved. You see the explanation is the Air Force was testing some new type of flares. I have a problem with this. In the original report Col. Fields indicated he had considered whether what he was seeing might be flares and he had decided they were not. In the so-called explanation of the phenomena the Colonel is supposed to have said he was unfamiliar with flares, ("I did not know that such 'parachute flares' existed and never considered the possibility," Col. Fields told WND upon learning the reason behind the mysterious lights.) He next said according to the report: "I am grateful, however, that the truth has been determined and those that may have been disturbed by this event will be able to rest." There is a bit of a contradiction here.

            According to the reports, the flares they said caused the confusion still float down on parachutes like they always did, and it would be unthinkable to me that an Air Force pilot would not know what flares are. So what is going on? I follow UFO reports because some of them, a very small part of the total, have elements of the supernatural about them. The manifestations that are similar to demonic activity are what spark my interest. After other factors are winnowed out of the mix, only a very few of these remain but they are there. I know of nothing to relate such sightings to what Col. Fields reported. And, had not a conscientious man altered his story to agree with the official explanation I would have deleted this one from my files and pressed on. <><

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