My Fourth Reason I Oppose Kerry


            My fourth reason for opposing John Kerry is basically pretty simple. John Kerry is a wimp.



A friend of mine, making fun of the situation, sent me a proposed “Purple Owie Medal.” This tongue in cheek proposal made fun of two the things that illustrate Kerry’s fundamental wimpishness:

One area of his wimpiness was that he would desire recognition for minor injuries, another area was when he discovered the Vietnam was no longer popular politically, so he became an activist for those who opposed the war.

            Concerning desiring Purple Hearts for minor injuries I need only refer to men who are toting metal inside them today who asked for and received no Purple Hearts because their injuries did not keep them from going forward on the field of battle. One man I know has a scar on his face put there from shrapnel. It did not stop him from doing his duties and he received no Purple Heart. Another man, I have known all my life, left the hospital he had been taken to in WWII and worked his way back to his company so that he would not be reassigned to another unit. He did not want his wound to separate him from his buddies. He was not a wimp who wanted a Purple Heart for a way out. Unfortunately for Kerry, we have no “Purple Owie” for wimps in America, neither do we approval of people who waffle.

Concerning Kerry’s antiwar activism, the harder job would have been to be an activist for veterans and against communism. The easy job was to toss some medals (whose are a mystery) over a wall. Some would say to me that Kerry could not take such a stand if that was not his position. But the evidence is he had planned to present himself as a Kennedy type hero till he found our it was unpopular. A person who has the strength of their convictions would have stayed the course. I did. I was part of Affirmation Vietnam while I was in high school and backed up my words by entering military service immediately after graduation. To this day I have but to consider the massacres in Cambodia, the refugees who have died in rickety boats in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand, and what the communists are doing to the Montagnard people to this day to know that the war was not only right but that it should have been pursued till victory was achieved. The difference between being a man or a wimp is a man recognizes what is right and he stays the course. He does this not because it is popular or will get him some reward but simply because it is the right thing to do, and that is what mean, not wimps, do.

            More evidence that Kerry is a wimp has to do with the Swift Boat Veterans issue. Kerry was enjoying it when people were attacking President Bush on his Guard service, and he was not concerned with the facts until that became an issue. But after he made his own military service a reason to vote for him and some attacked his record he began to snivel and complain. One writer said that Kerry was like a three-year old toddler in a Day Care who wants to swagger and play tough but runs for his mother’s skirts at the first sign of trouble. I thought that was pretty appropriate but I would have added the word spoiled. He did everything to suppress other people’s free speech by bringing out goons to threaten people who were talking about his record and the stations who were selling airtime for them to speak.

            Wimps by definition cannot face adversity and we have seen over and over how John Kerry reacts when a little comes his way. The Swift Boat Vets for Bush showed they were not wimps when Kerry tried to cause them trouble, and Kerry demonstrated that he was, and he did that all on his own by how he acted. Someone said he handled a crisis with a capital UGLY. Nobody did that to him. He did it to himself by the conduct and course he chose to take. After threats to the vets and stations carrying their ads; after calling the vets liars, he tried to arrange a secret meeting with them.  Was that to bribe them? Threaten them? What other reasons could there be? Maybe beg and plead?

            Kerry swaggered into Iowa and with bravado said bring it on. At the time he reminded me of another politician who challenged the press to follow him, and when they did caught the man in an affair. This time they caught the toddler acting bad but soon revealing he is a wimp. He is a wimp because he wants the United States to allow the United Nations to tell us what to do. He is a wimp because he does not want to treat terrorists for what they are. You cannot give them what they want and expect they will go away John. What they want is us dead, and we don’t need wimps. There are no momma’s skirts to go cling to.

            To quote a favorite game show. You are the weakest link, and I hope to say goodbye to you as a Presidential candidate and as a senator.

            Jonsquill Ministries

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