Kana - Old Ploy Replayed
Dr. Michael L. Ford
5 August 2006

	When I first watched the television media, unfolding
the supposed “massacre” of 57 civilians, including
women and children last Sunday, old images became
alive again in my mind. On a Sunday in July of 1988,
the USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655. It
was the description of the bodies recovered in that
event that was the primary motivation for me writing
an article questioning whether the passengers had even
been alive when the missile struck the aircraft. There
were other inconsistencies as well, such as why the
aircraft was off course and not sending out proper
identification signals? But the first thing that
started me questioning was the descriptions of the
bodies. You see, dead flesh reacts differently to
trauma than does living flesh. Here in Kana, it again
appeared something was wrong with the bodies.
	One of the things we have repeatedly seen during this
long war on terrorism is that our Islamic adversaries
believe Mohammed’s axiom, “War is deceit.” They
practice a lot of that. I have watched supposed
funerals put on for propaganda purposes with interest.
Once a dead Moslem “victim” was accidentally dumped
from his carrier. The much-mourned “martyr of Allah”
upon striking the ground miraculously regained life
long enough to climb back on his funerary litter. This
is not a Holy Land joke, but the point is you learn to
watch the bodies. The bodies I was seeing coming out
from this last Kana event looked to me to have been
dead quite some time, longer than the time frame we
were being given by the Hezbollah dominated media. But
before I could make a firm decision about whether we
were being conned about what happened or not, I would
need more information.
	One piece of circumstantial evidence that would
increase my suspicion of the current situation was
past history, what most people forget too quickly. You
see, ten years ago in 1996, something happened once
before in Kana. Because of a supposed errant round
Israel’s operation “Grapes of Wrath” assault on terror
bases had a premature stoppage. Then an errant shell
was supposed to have struck a civilian compound
killing a hundred civilians. That is the kind of
similar symbolic event Middle Easterners love.
	That not one piece of Israeli ordnance is supposed to
have hit the building might be significant except for
the fact near explosions could conceivably kill by its
effect on the lungs of the victims. But it would
scarcely appear that the people in the basement died
in their sleep, which brings us to question why would
the buildings walls collapse 7 to 8 hours after the
bombing had stopped?
	Hezbollah has been trying to make the world think
Lebanon’s citizens cannot get out of harms way. The
only problem is the people who died were not from
Kana. How they got there we do not know, especially
when it appears some of them had already died once
before and been paraded around in Tyre so CNN could
once again be an Islamic lackey. Some people with
graveyard humor might be inclined to joke about Holy
Land resurrections but these dead never came back to
life and transported themselves to Kana. So how did
they get there?
	The professional news media find it impossible to do
investigative reporting. So much of the evidence
concerning the “fake massacre” at Kana has been
developed by intelligent bloggers. For instance the
blog “EU Referendum” exposed many of the
irregularities in the so-called “rescue operation”
with their analysis of the photographs taken by ‘real
journalists” at Kana. The mainstream media could not
even identify the “professional baby displayer” among
the “rescuers” who did similar work for them
elsewhere. The mass media reporters might not have
been able to recognize him because all Hezbollah
terrorists look alike to them, or it could have been
exposing him would detract from them being useful
	In this short commentary on Kana I have not exposed
all the reasons for deciding that this whole tragedy
is nothing more than a Hezbolla orchestrated event.
But if you now doubt these victims actually died in
Kana you must ask yourself another question. Whose
victims were the dead at Kana really? Were they the
victims of a people who will risk failing to defend
themselves to spare the lives of people who curse
them? Or, were they the victims of people who
applauded the Beslan or Maalot genocides, who think
all Jews (and Americans) should die?  

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