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Questions of Attitude                    


            I have been asked if the reports that I have issued; the radio broadcasts, sermons, and teaching events that I have been in since September 11th might convey an unchristian message? The argument does not concern itself with the truth of what I am saying, but first of all with the frequency with which I am saying it. To this a second question is added; “Will not people get tired of me harping on the same subject?”

            To answer in the same vein that the Apostle Paul once used in 1Corinthians 9, my answer to them that do question me is this: Am I not a preacher of the Gospel of the True and Living God? Should I not then proclaim the truth about that which is false with authority and vigor? In truth my statements and message concerning Islam and faith in the false god Allah has not changed one iota from when I first learned the facts. Those who know me also know what I say today concerning the influ-

ence of Islam on the mind of its believers has not changed either. Because I tell the truth and shout a warning against a great evil it does not follow that I have either hatred or animosity for those enslaved in its clutches?

            Having lived in two Islamic countries and viewed war in the Middle East from both, I am particularly qualified to speak to the issues of the day as one with first hand knowledge. As Paul was able to make the claim of apostleship from having seen our  Lord in person I am able to testify of the things I know as an eyewitness to the impact of Islam upon peoples and lands. My heart was broken by what I observed in those days. Therefore I cry loud and spare not.

            Just as we sound out the truth against such evils as abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, and evil in high places we should also sound out a warning against all false religions. This becomes the more import-

ant when those religions become central to the events in our world today. This is especially true when those in high places are actually speaking well of the false belief and misleading many to its evil.

            When Ezekiel was called to serve God, the term Watchman was used (3:17). Ministers of the church age have consistently understood that their calling also included the role of Watchman. A watchman does not sound a single warning when the enemy is seen at the distance. He hollers loud and long, blows the trumpet, and beats the drum so by the time the enemy is at the gates people are awake, armed, and ready. Too often the prevailing sentiment of worldliness is that the Watchman should be soft spoken and not cause disturbance. That alerts no one. We have not yet raised sufficient alarm to alert the believer

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