Pastor Jailed for Offending Homosexuals

July 2004

            It did not happen in the United States this time. It happened in Sweden. But mark my words it is coming soon to a church near you. Swedish pastor Ake Green has been sentenced to a month in prison for having offended homosexuals in a sermon. Insanity over homosexuality is already getting stronger in Canada our neighbors to the North, and when I read the first headline on the subject I thought that I would find out it happened in Canada. But Sweden has had its problems with socialism and other forms of excess for years, so it is not too surprising the news came from there.

            Some people will not get upset over the event because Pastor Green was a Pentecostal. And, frankly a great many Christians have gotten disgusted with some of the excesses that have come out of the offshoot Charismatic Movement over the years. But this is a mistake. The fact homosexuality is sinful behavior is an understanding shared among all but the most liberal of organizations. Many who approve homosexuality have also stepped outside the definition of what constitutes a truly Christian group by some of the other beliefs they have embraced along the way. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and in literal truth of His Word have real cause for alarm because of the trends we see going on in relation to homosexuals.

            It is interesting that the leader of the sodomite organization in Sweden understood what had occurred was actually an interference with religious freedom. Soren Andersson, president of the Swedish federation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights (RFSL) went to the trouble to deny the fact, which indicates he was indeed conscious they had succeeded in doing that very thing through the courts. What was Pastor Green guilty of? Why telling the truth! During a sermon in 2003, he described homosexuality as “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society.” That is all true.

            John Derbyshire in an article for the National Review titled “The Lights Are Going Out, said “Sweden today, the USA tomorrow. He pointed to the fact that a “hate crime” amendment was slipped into the Defense Authorization Bill (S.2400) that added homosexuals to the list of protected classes of people under the U.S. civil rights law. I do not need to tell astute readers that the whole idea of protected classes, though it has been with us a long time, is completely contradictory to the idea that all men are created equal. To single out a group of people for protection who are responsible for much molestation of children as well as the spread of infectious sexually transmitted diseases is absolute insanity.

            Those who read my articles published in local papers over a decade ago know I have longed opposed the practice of being able to add riders on unrelated matters to bills going through the legislature. In part, what you are seeing with this new hate crimes addition is a demonstration of the reason I said those things should not be done. But I have to tell you that getting this bill added to the legislation still took a lot of work from lobbying groups with evil intent. The devils’ side has learned to use the power of words not only by how they say things but also in the names they take for themselves. When it comes to lobbying groups an old saying that “you cannot judge a book by its cover” comes into play. Lobbying groups for evil causes nowadays choose “innocuous, deliberately deceptive name like Human Rights Campaign,” as Mr Derbyshire pointed out.

            Free speech is not supposed to be censored in the United States any more than is the free practice of religion. But the devils’ crowd is working hard at figuring ways around that. So free speech and the desire to stand true to God’s word will be redesignated as hate crimes. After all, we must protect people from feeling offended by having their sins pointed out. We are losing our liberties, hard won with the blood of patriots and martyrs alike. And, sad to say politicians from all sides of the spectrum are helping it to happen.

            I have come to the conclusion that it is only a matter of time before I too am imprisoned in this country for telling the truth, just like the pastor in Sweden. I hope that I have proclaimed the truth well enough that people know that I am not only going to jail because of the evil I have stood against, but also going for the love of my Lord Jesus Christ.

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