The Fight for Your Home

Michael L. Ford, Th.D.


            You might not realize it, but a fight is going on for a fundamental part of your freedom. It is a fight for your property. Property is an essential part of human freedom in this world. It is so important that when the Children of Israel came in to possess the land of Canaan, God caused it to be divided among the tribes and families. It was not His plan that property would be lost to people either. His law required that on the Jubilee Year, every fifty years, property had to be returned to its original owners.

            The idea of taxing property arises from the concept that the ultimate owner of property is not the person who purchases it but the State. In this concept God is not the ultimate owner and people have property to use only because the State allows it. Eminent Domain says that even though the property owner has faithfully paid the State to let him keep his land it can still be taken away from him if it suits the purposes of the State. Lands were often taken from people in Europe if they did not please the monarch. That is part of what migrants to the New World intended to leave behind when they came West.

            The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution declared that private property would not be taken for public (government) use without just compensation. It allowed the State to claim ultimate ownership ‘eminent domain’ but limited its use. Lately we have been seeing local governments taking property, not for public use, but for private use. This redistribution of property is done so they can increase their tax base not just on the property but expanded employment. But, it has two very evil effects: (1) It interferes with peoples lives, their pursuit of happiness, an inalienable right. (2) It corrupts the U.S. Constitution leading to the destruction of freedoms.

             It has been said that in areas of constitutional law “If you give the government an inch they will take a square mile.” This has been literally true in the area of property rights. The United Nations has been the enemy of property and they have encouraged interference with property. Satan must enjoy all this because he wants men to be enslaved and controlled with less choice in life.

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