Education Report

Captain Yee:  Traitor? Maybe not.

Bad Officer and Muslim? For sure.

            On the 19th of January militay court will reconvene, probably in the same courtroom where William Calley was mis-used so many years ago. But this time, the miscarriage of military justice will probably be administered in the opposite direction. Captain Yee, who was first held on the charge of being part of an espionage ring, later saw that charge reduced to mishandling classified information, adultery, and keeping pornography on a government computer. Evidently the investigation of Captain Yee failed to turn up enough information to convict him of espionage, but it certainly did produce evidence that this man was not a fit officer.

            The military court cannot convict Captain Yee for being a bad Muslim, which having the decadent Western pornography would certainly prove he is, but it can convict him of being a bad officer under the UCMJ. The evidence of his affair with Lt. Karyn Wallace, might be in his favor in some Muslim circles if she is not a believer in Islam. But it is conduct unbecoming of an officer in the United States Military because adultery is contrary to good discipline and order in the service. I am disappointed that General John L. Fugh would go on record as speaking disparagingly of the charges against Captain Yee calling them Mickey Mouse charges.

            I do not know what was in the two green pocket sized notebooks the Captain was carrying. I filled up many of those with notes when I served in the military and was mindful that we were trained to exercise care about what we recorded. But I am aware that he had another sheet of paper that had the names of detainees with their identifying numbers, and reportedly the names of their interrogators. That information was certainly restricted information, because such knowledge in the wrong hands could put the families of the men at risk. So there is no question in my mind that Captain Yee was placing loose  with the security of the mission he was supposed to serve. But trust me in this, he is going to walk. The military has lost its morality and its perspective again.

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