Does He Just Not Get It?

Dr. Michael L. Ford

17 November 2006


            The Republican Party has just suffered a decisive defeat. Yet the President does not seem to have caught on there might be some reasons why this occurred other than the hype excuse that this election was a referendum on Iraq. I think one of the big reasons Bush lost the conservative base for the Republicans was as the executor of American law and policy he failed to support the enforcement of current immigration laws and instead promoted the idea of amnesty for people who entered this country illegally.

            It now seems crystal clear that one of the main political fallouts of the last election is that the President will get his amnesty plan through the new Congress in 2007. This will reward people for breaking America’s laws, and not all the lawbreakers are the illegals coming across the border. Maybe, I spent too much time in law enforcement, but watching Bush it seemed to me he might have been gloating that he was finally going to get his way on this. I know Pelosi’s motivation for favoring illegal immigration. It supports the family businesses, but Bush’s reasons are not that easy to discern. One of the things a good investigator needs to have answered when he is looking at evidence is why people are doing what they are?

            My first assumption is that George Bush and his henchmen are too smart to be openly abandoning its base and losing elections without purpose. Quite frankly I am angry with the thought that Republican insiders might have intentionally lost the election in order to further objectives that many within the party would not have been likely to have gone along with. But the alternative is to believe that these people are unrealistically far more stupid than one can reasonably assume people in their position to be.

            So the President might be happy amnesty is coming and people are proclaiming bi-partisanship. But it is not the sort of across the board cooperation that has the good of the United States in mind, and it is not the sort of thing patriots can be comfortable with. So if the answer to the question “does he just not get it?” is no, then the alternative possible answers are most unsettling. And, none of them am I happy with.

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