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Jason Blair Said Racism Was Involved



                                                      The question is, do you believe it?

                                                      If your answer is no. Take a moment and read on.



              Jason Blair

            Apparently, from a number of statements attributed to Jason Blair (sometimes referred to as Jayson) as well as to people in management at the New York Times, his employment was the result of affirmative action. In case you do not know what affirmative action is, let me explain. Affirmative action is a program designed to employ or give business preference to people and companies while at the same time telling them they cannot succeed on their own merits.

            Affirmative action is a Darwinian insult to human beings, made in the image of God. It demeans people by saying that some can never rise above their circumstances. It says one group of people are less able to achieve than others in America. White people might come to this country as indentured servants (a form of slavery) or in poverty and rise above their circumstances but people with more melanin in their skins cannot do that. It was this insult, which Justice Clarence Thomas opposed, that made him the target of the liberal democratic left.

            Jason Blair apparently set out to prove that his employer's opinion toward blacks was true, or either to rub their noses in the attitude they held. Several reports that I have read concerning him shows that from the outset he was a plagiarizer and liar, and otherwise behaved is such a manner that would get a normally legitimate hire either suspended or fired. But these things did not happen to him. This encouraged him to greater excesses until the truth was forced out. I do not think that racism has played a role in the way this story has come into being the way Jason defined it, but it was there all right.

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