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Itís a Different Worldview at Issue


            Most people say they do not see what all the hullabaloo is about when people like me keep harping about the modern so-called translations of Scripture. They say that some of the most learned scholars of our day have worked on producing these things and we should be pleased with what they have turned out. But let us take a moment and consider if this be true or not.

            First of all, there are many people of renown who are being paid to lend their names to the various texts that have been turned out, who have not actually worked on the versions at all. While this might be financially profitable for them, this is certainly neither ethically or morally right. Perhaps their names and reputations are for sale.

            Secondly, there are people who were on various translation committees that are now known to be moral degenerates. The fact that they were sodomites and other things was not a secret at the time they were recruited either. It is just that these things have become public knowledge because people like myself wont quit looking at the issue no matter how much we are derided and made fun of.

            Next comes the  issue of the credentials of the people on the modern committees. We cannot argue that some of these people were not high powered horses, academically speaking. But, the truth is that not one of them has had the qualifications of the best of the King James translators and not one committee since the KJV groups has had the number of legitimate scholars at work as that translation could boast.

            Finally we come to the question of the worldview of the people who have worked on the various versions that have come along. In terms of practical holiness our KJV scholars were men of noted consecration to our Lord. Many of the modern scholars are modernists, liberals, and New Agers. That is why their work often omits the Lordship of Christ, the necessity of blood atonement, and the sufficiency of the cross as it appears in the best manuscripts

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