Fairness Doctrine and Christianity

Dr. Michael L. Ford

10 September 2007


            You have probably heard about the liberal attempt to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine in an attempt to silence conservative talk radio. Letís be honest about the issue. What they want to do is impose censorship, negate the First Amendment, and the concerns of the founding fathers, which caused their emphasis on free speech. But I want to talk about where this doctrine might quickly go in our increasing morally relativistic culture.

            Let us take the Fairness Doctrine to its logical conclusion when it is made to apply to more than political speech on the radio. A day comes when Christian broadcasters, probably starting with small intermittent radio ministers like myself, are assailed with the demand that our claims concerning Christ must be balanced by opposing views. Take for instance the claim that Jesus Christ is the only way man can receive eternal salvation.

* Probably some well known heretic with a long record of denying Christ as the sole way of salvation like Bishop Spong would be the first to challenge my assertion and demand equal time.

* Next, perhaps a representative of Hinduism, like the head of West Georgia University might demand time to make a response,

* The next challenger to come along might be a Mormon or a Moslem, but all demand free time to counter my claims for Christ.

            The radio station is not going to want to pay for it, so they are going to come back to me demanding that I do so with money Christians give me to proclaim the Gospel message. Since my broadcasts are really faith based, happening only when I have funds to pay for them, I am soon out of the broadcast business.

            The Fairness Doctrine does not consider truth in political broadcasting when it demands equal time, and it will not do so the day it is applied to Christian broadcasting. So everyone with an alternative view can gang up on the religious radio minister. After they have taken care of us small fry they will then set their sights on bigger fish, which operate on multiple stations and are backed by million dollar budgets. The real aim of their objective will finally be accomplished, silencing Christian radio. Do you think my scenario implausible? Do and say nothing and see!

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