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Christians In America Should Vote


            A common theme running through conversations today in the United States is the bemoaning of the loss of Christian influence and consequential liberty. Secular conversation at the same time has become strident that being a real Christian dis-qualifies one from being active politically. The Jews in other lands could tell us something about the result of allowing these anti-Christian voices to hold sway over the nation.

            Starting conversations with acknowledgement that what has been lost is the consequence of Christian abandonment and failure to exercise stewardship over things that God gave America in the beginning would be a refreshing change. Then we could move forward to solving the problem. The truth is all was once dominated by Christian principles and ignored as completely as Christ's command to evangelize. Now those whose souls we did not reach out to save with the Gospel of Christ wish to expel us from the Nation intended to be Under God.

            Having said all that, I now propose that as a minimum every Christian should vote. They should not vote as the member of a political party, but as a Christian. It is true today as it has always been that what is truly Christian is also truly the best for the country and for all the citizens that inhabit it. I would go even farther than that. I would say that a Christian who does not vote, when he has opportunity to do so, is not faithful to what the Bible teaches about Christian responsibility toward government.

            The grand experiment of America has not failed. The followers of Christ have failed America. Had we been faithful stewards of what we have received of the Lord, America would not be riddled with the immorality that eats it out like termites in a piece of lumber and we would not be moaning over the loss of influence and liberty.

"Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers." --John Jay

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