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Chante Mallard enters court, June 25, 2003, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mallard is on trial on a murder charge, accused of hitting a homeless man with her car and leaving him stuck in the windshield and dying as she drove home.


This week several events occurred that are worthy of note. The further decline of interest rates displayed how week American money is; the reclassification of Iranian activists as terrorists; the conviction of a woman for allowing a man to bleed to death hanging through her windshield.


      All of the things I have mentioned demonstrate the terrible situation the world is in today. The world is in deep financial problems and this is no surprise to anyone. But the further decrease in interest rates coupled with a subsequent decline in the stock market displayed that any rally in the American economy is an exaggeration of the truth. Economic collapse is seen by many Eschatologists as absolutely essential to the rise of the Antichrist.

      The raid on the People's Mujahedin, the main Iranian opposition and military wing of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran displayed French inability to choose the right side in an issue. But it also showed how some people will be willing to trade their standards of right and wrong for gain. Perhaps the French economy needed the $1.4 million in cash and 150,000 euros they confiscated.

      Until I began writing this article, I thought nothing could top the lack of conscience, racism, and drug display we had learned of in the Chante Mallard case. It certainly demonstrated a decline in moral standards. But then I found out that the Supreme Court of the United States thinks sodomy is okay, knocking down in one fell swoop laws in states around the country. Sodomites have played a role in the decline of every civilization. God help us all.

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