Mostly ProChristmas 2006

√ Dillard’s ~ Advertising their Christmas Catalog.


√ JC Penney ~ Web site has their Christmas shipping countdown.


√ Joann Fabrics ~ Offers Christmas and Holiday fabrics.


√ Kohl’s ~ Christmas is all over TV, print and radio ads.


√ L.L. Bean ~ Advertising and distributing their Christmas Catalog.


√ Linens ‘N Things ~ Has a Christmas Shop and Christmas Checklist.


√ Macy’s ~ “Merry Christmas!” on the homepage of their Web site.


√ Michaels ~ Web site has a Christmas section.


√ M&M-Mars Candies ~ Will have red and green candies with pictures of Christmas trees and angels among other images.


√ Target ~ Web site says Christmas Decor, though the physical store has Holiday entertaining.  End of television ad says “Merry Christmas”.


√ Wal-Mart ~ Has a Christmas Shop, plays Christmas carols, and employees can say “Merry Christmas.”


√  Sears – Stores have signs that say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” although Web site just says “holidays”.

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