Deciding My Vote
Dr. Michael L. Ford
30 October 2006

	I have decided how I am going to vote in the coming
election. Some of my friends are so disgusted with
politicians they stay home on election day. But I have
decided that gives two votes to the people who are
opposed to what I believe, theirs and the one I did
not cast, so I am not going to do that. And, since so
many illegal aliens are being allowed to vote, I need
to do what I can to legally to offset that evil. Then
there are all the reports of people promoting liberal
causes trying to stuff ballot boxes. I just cannot
stay at home on election day with activity common to
banana republics going on in my own country.
	The conduct of people in office tempted me to vote
against some who say they believe the same things I
do. For instance, the governor in my State came into
office on the promise of allowing the people to settle
an issue at the ballot box. Then he rammed a
politically correct change, which nobody likes, down
the electorates throat. I am tempted to vote against
him on principle. The problem is the options I have to
vote for are even worse than he is. A vote for some
people is more a vote against the others than a vote
for the person it is cast for. But it is a necessary
vote to prevent worse getting into office. I am faced
with a lot of choices like that.
	One of the key factors in deciding how I was going to
vote had to do with the War Against Terrorism. When
the terrorists stepped up their activities trying to
make me discouraged it hardened my resolve to vote
against anyone who might give in to them. When Islamic
groups endorsed candidates I knew immediately I had to
get to the poll on election day to vote for their
opponent. The attempt to influence American elections
from outside the country even got me to contribute a
few campaign dollars to patriotic causes.
	Yes, my vote is now pretty much decided. The
posturing of those condemning others for what they
condoned in their own Party pretty well convinced me
to vote against them. All in all I have to be grateful
to those who tried to distort this election for really
clarifying my options and making the real issues

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