Education Report

Immigrants Need to Adapt

and Become Americans


            Let us get something straight. The reason people immigrate from one country to another is usually because the country and society they are leaving has failed to meet their needs as a human being. This is the reason my ancestors came to this country. The first Ford to come to the colonies probably came as an indentured servant. Why? Because that form of slavery was preferable to what they had to deal with in England. Other members of the Ford family came for religious purposes. One of them married one of the Mayflower widows I understand. The reasons people come from one country to another has not changed very much for the most part. The problem is that some of the people who get to their new home forget the reasons that impelled them to come.

            Saying this, let me hasten to add that I am aware that some Islamics are migrating to the United States for the purpose of trying to make it a Moslem country. But I do not consider them to be in the majority of those that come at all. And, I would hasten to add, that if these people had any insight they would quickly realikze the superiority of the place where they have arrived over that which they have left. But a discussion of this type of folly can wait for another time.

            Today many Americans are running into a group of people, newly arrived in this country, that are living and acting as if they have done America a favor by coming here and taking government subsidies and loans to buy houses, vehicles, and start businesses. I have heard from people in service industries that have reported many bad contacts with these people, some of the worse being those who have arrived from such places as Bosnia. The fault lies with the ease with which these folks made it into this country first of all, and secondly with the governments continued subsidy of them after they arrived. This is a deviation from how people have arrived in this country in the past and it is resulting in a false attitude being nurtured in their breasts toward Americans and the country that has been so good to them.

            When one of my ancestresses, the Widow Gladney came to this country with her sons, she had nothing but a washpot filled with pickled eggs to feed herself and her children on the sailing ship that brought them over. When she arrived, she received no government subsidies to get her started. She and her sons carved out a life in the New World and they adapted and became Americans. They did not ask those in America to become Scots, because quite frankly Scotland and its society had failed them.

            I am the descendant of immigrants, even the so-called Native Americans are supposedly immigrants. So, I am not against immigration. I think properly used immigration enriches and renews America like nowhere else in the world. The problem is that immigration has been misused and distorted with such folly I sometimes wonder if some people in our government are not trying to destroy what America is all about?

            The result of current policies will change the impact of immigration on the United States from what it has been in the past. Instead of being a vast melting pot of people we are headed toward being a multicultural society. If you want to see the effect of that type of world you have but to look to our North at the confusion Canada has with its French and English division. It can be worse. You can have a problem like the one that exists in Lebanon. The things that are happening in England where the Muslim community now has special laws for themselves and are unafraid to actually riot and threaten British citizens could happen here. In France, Muslims are also acting out threatening Jews who have been good and productive citizens of France for generations. Look at countries around you and you can see the future for America if the current policies do not change.

            In a melting pot society there is room for only one language. People who come to this country should be willing to learn the language business and social life is conducted in it. I am in favor of people keeping their former languages alive within their homes and friends who speak that tongue, but they need to make friends with those who have been in the land for some time, and learn from them the strengths that make Americans unique.

            Frankly speaking, if you are from another place and do not like my language and culture well enough to want to become part of it, you came here for the wrong reason and need to go home.


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