GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularities



            The Government Accountability Office, Congress' investigative agency, responding to complaints from around the country, has begun to look into the Nov. 2 vote count, including the handling of provisional ballots and malfunctions of voting machines. Christians should view voter fraud as sinful behavior of the worst sort no matter who perpetrated it, and want to see this investigation pursued with vigor/ The GAO usually begins investigations in response to requests from Congress, but agency head, Comptroller General David Walker, said the GAO acted on its own because of the many comments it received about ballot counting. I do not know whether he has his own political agenda or not.

            GAO officials said the investigation was not triggered by a request from several House Democrats, who wrote the agency this month seeking an investigation, but you can bet that they were a factor. That effort, led by senior Judiciary Committee Democrat John Conyers, was not joined by any Republicans, which is probably because the investigation is not likely to get into the kind of voter fraud the Democratic Party tried to perpetrate in this election. It would probably take the facilities of the FBI to untangle that scandal. Comptroller General Walker said in a statement that some of the election work is under way. The probe will cover voter registration, voting machine problems and handling of provisional ballots, which were given to voters who said they were eligible to cast votes although their names were not on the rolls, all of which taken to its ultimate conclusion would be a black eye for the Democrats. But do not look for it to happen.

            He cautioned that the GAO cannot enforce the law if voting irregularities are found, noting that state officials regulate elections and the Justice Department prosecutes voting rights violations and election fraud, which is another reason Justice and the FBI should be at the forefront of the investigation. Another reason the FBI needs to be involved is the role of the CIA in attempting to influence the outcome of the last election needs to be addressed. I am not at all certain GAO investigators will want to go as far as they need to.

            The study also should cover how election officials responded to problems they encountered. Since in many places the voting officials are Democrats and there response is suspect this is not likely to happen. In my own county, voting taking place in one city for the sheriff’s election has numerous reports of problems when the vote was cast for the Republican candidate. That city was the pivotal point of the Republican loss of that election by a mere three hundred votes. The Republican candidate had garnered more votes for sheriff in the primary than all the Democratic sheriff candidates put together. There is something about that which does not make sense. Thousands of complaints have poured in to Congress and appeared on Internet sites about problems with the elections.

            Most of the people reporting on this matter are trying to make a case for the Democrats being cheated, but this is a distortion of the facts whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally. I suspect it is intentional because when you say the winning party perpetrated a fraud you get more readers than when you say that you believe the losers were involved in trying to steal the election. Sin is against God, but the trespass of voter fraud is against all citizens no matter what party they belong to.


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