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Thursday of this week began the fifty-second anniversary of  Krystalnacht, The Night of the Broken Glass, which occurred in 1938. Using the excuse of a so-called Nazi 'diplomat' being shot dead by a Jewish partisan in Paris, Hitler himself ordered Himmler to organize a seven day campaign of terror against the Jews in Germany spearheaded by the SS.

On the 10th of November, the campaign started. Ten thousand shops owned by Jews were destroyed and their contents stolen. People unfortunate enough to be trapped by the mobs were beaten. Homes and synagogues were set on fire and left to burn. The fire brigades showed their loyalty to Hitler by assuming that the buildings would burn down anyway, so why try to prevent it ? In the Jewish sections of German cities every pane of glass that was in any way related to the Jewish culture -- be it the window of a store, a synagogue, or a private home -- was shattered. A huge amount of damage was done to Jewish property but the Jewish community was ordered to pay a one billion mark fine to pay for the eventual cleanup. Jews were also forced to scrub the streets clean.

On "the night of broken crystal, Germany began to put into practice what was being said by its leaders;  'If we rid ourselves of the scum known as Jews, we will have solved the social problems of the nation.' The same thing is now being said about Christianity in general and fundamentalist Christians in particular. Worldly people believe they not only interfere with their pleasure. but cause all the problems that make them uneasy. They do not see that Judeo-

Christianity is the source of the better world they enjoy today.


People who do not learn from history and take measures to deal with it are the ones most likely to allow history to repeat itself. Some people who hate God have said the mistake the Nazis made was they came for the Jews before they dealt with the Christians. They do not plan to see that mistake repeated.

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