Reasons to Vote Kerry-Edwards


Now that the Democratic Party candidates for the 2004 presidential election seem to be settled, I have decided to do some thinking about what it will mean to have these two come into the White House. During the last election I was often asked which two candidates a person should vote for, and I chose instead to explain the consequences of voting for each side. In the same vein I am now about to give you the consequences for voting for the two men who are rated number one and number four when it comes casting liberal votes. From that point on it will be up to you to decide.

1. If you want the sovereignty of the United States surrendered to the United Nations at an ever-increasing rate vote Kerry-Edwards.

2. If you want the United States Constitutional issues to be increasingly decided by the World Court and International law…

3. If you want the Federal Courts to be once again flooded with liberal judges as one generation of those who have tried to legislate from the bench retire vote Democratic.

4. If you want an increase in taxes above and beyond the roll back of previous tax cuts vote the liberal ticket.

5. If you want the military to be further weakened…

6. If you want a promotion of the homosexual agenda with sweeping intrusion of the sodomites into every element of society…

7. If you want the American public disarmed so that citizens cannot defend their homes and property vote Kerry-Edwards.

8. If you want the concept of private property eroded further…

9. If you want abortion to remain and unborn babies to continue to die in aboratoriums you know who to vote for.

10. If you want the words “under God” taken from the pledge of allegiance, you can figure out whom to vote for.

11. If you want “in God we trust” off the coinage vote for Kerry.

12. If you want incidences of terrorism to increase vote for those who don’t want to wage war on terrorism but treat it as a police matter.

13. If you want Jerusalem made an international city under the U.N. vote for Kerry-Edwards.

14. If you want freedom of religious speech regulated, vote for these boys.

15. If you want the Internet taxed and under U.N. control vote…

16. If you want to see churches that say anything contrary to the liberal agenda taxed vote for Kerry.

17. If you want to see the end of private schools (especially Christian schools) except for the rich elite vote for Kerry-Edwards.

18. If you want more and more government intrusion into your private life and the life of your family…

19. If you want the age of consent lowered and prostitution made legal vote for that project to be reborn by voting Kerry-Edwards.

20. If you want America to become more socialist than democratic, all you need to do is vote democratic.

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