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Darwin's Eaters Are Not Fussy


            It is fair to say that Butch and Dondra Mooney have been a continual blessing in my life since first I got to know them. So when one of them gives me a call about something on their mind, I know it is going to be interesting. This was the case when Dondra called about an insert she had seen in a magazine she subscribes to. The paragraph was titled Darwin's Fussy Eaters and was designed to assure parents of these children the fault was entirely because of evolution. It absolved the parents of any responsibility that might be theirs because of lax child rearing related to diet.

            Come on now, we have long known that things like a big Mac and cheese is the food of choice because of its appeal to jaded taste buds. It does not have anything to do with some ingrained aversion to plants and strange meats through the process of evolution. What the evolutionist has been telling gullable people for years was that primitive man was in competition with everything, including less evolved apemen, to get enough in his belly to survive. Now to justify problem children raised on a diet of junk food scientists want to tell you primitive man was a fussy eater to aid him in surviving.

            Any person who has ever trained in survival and then lived off the land for some time knows that you eat what you can get. You test the unknown plant, after you first decide whether there is enough of it available to make the risk worthwhile. Anyone who has ever traveled about the world also knows there is very little that human beings are not sticking in their mouth somewhere on the globe. The British scientists who came up with the strange idea about why some children are picky eaters are not afflicted with common sense.

            After reading the insert I came up with a theory of my own. I think the British scientists mentioned are parents of children who have not been taught to eat good and nuttitious food and now they are trying to justify their children's pickiness as they begin to reap the nutritional consequences of a bad diet.

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