One World Religion, Report # 2


The Unification Church            


      The Unification Church, founded by Sun Myung Moon, in 1954, is a worldwide movement. It promotes the belief that Moon and his wife is the messiah and true parents of all humanity. Like many cults the theology is that Jesus could not fulfill his entire mission, so the Third Adam, Sun Myung Moon was sent.

      The Unification gained acceptance as staunch hawkish opponent of Communism during the Cold War. With monies it has acquired it has established a capitalist empire which includes the conservative Washington Times and the Tiempos Del Mundo, a major Latin America paper based in Buenos Aires.

      The Moonies have a bewildering array of front groups, several which are used to promote interfaith dialogue. They also engage in threats, brainwashing techniques, marriages to pre-arranged strangers, and lying to outsiders. We could write about people like Archbishop Stallings, head of Imani Temple, (African American Catholic congregation) and Archbishop Milingo of Zambia, who were seduced by receiving wives provided by Moon in May 2001.

      In October 2002, The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO), a Moonie front group, gave an Inter-religious Cooperation Award to Bishop Swing and the United Religions Initiative. This is not surprising since members of the Unification Church have been active in the URI since 1997.

      A different Moonie funded organization, the American Clergy Leadership Conference, is leading an effort to have Christian churches take down their crosses. Archbishop Stallings, ACLC’s national chairman has said, “The cross has served as a barrier… between Jews…Muslims and Christians…”  The argument made by another Moonie executive named Schanker was whether the symbolism of the cross was worth maintaining the divisions it allegedly creates? True believers know the answer.

      As usual people like me, who stand for the truth, are first said to be overreacting, and then said to be narrow-minded. I would remind these heretics and apostates that it is a broad road that leads to destruction and a narrow road that leads to life everlasting. They would do well to renounce the Sun Moon for the Son of God.

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