Those Nattering Nabobs
Dr. Michael L. Ford
30 October 2005
	During the American Revolutionary War not everyone
wanted to be free of England. As patriotic Englishmen
some even joined English forces in resisting the
colonists who desired freedom. There were some who
desired freedom but did not believe revolution had any
chance. Most of these tried to remain uninvolved. Then
there were some people who joined the revolution, but
were distinguished by their negativity. Every defeat
and setback was greeted by handwringing right up till
the victory was won. Then it was a case of me too.
	It seems that during all wars there have been some
opposed to whatever war was taking place, and some
have actually succeeded to doing harm to the war
effort. None have ever been able to do more harm than
those elected to public office and those who are part
of news organizations. Some of these people have done
evil out of good intentions and some have actually
been guilty of ill will toward the United States. All
too often these people have acted without penalty to
themselves either privately or professionally.
	During the past few days I have been studying a book
on the subject of combat in the Pacific Theater during
World War II. My particular area of interest has been
the long battle of Guadalcanal where one of my uncles
was wounded three times. One of the things that
appears in the text and footnotes is that news people
hurt the effort back home, caused sorrow for family
members of service people, and angered those in combat
by false reporting of what was taking place on the
island. Like reporters in Vietnam, some of the false
reports were filed by people not even where the action
was taking place.
	There has always been a certain amount of problems
coming from honest ignorance, but with Vietnam the
issue began to appear more and more a matter of either
hatred for America or a work to oppose the political
party in power. Both of these are shameful and those
who take part in such things, whether they are
politicians or reporters are traitors. It is not any
longer a matter of honest men with opposing opinions
or being misinformed. The nattering nabobs are working
on an agenda called treason.

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