This Current Election
Dr. Michael L. Ford
10 October 2006

	The so-called midterm elections are but a few days
off and a lot more is hanging in the balance than is
often the case. For people who concentrate only on
presidential races there is a possibility that they
will let the day slip by and not do their duty as
American citizens. What bothers me is how many
Christians fail to see a duty unto God in the ability
to vote that He has given us in this country. But
Christians do have a responsibility to exercise the
freedoms we enjoy just as we have a duty to pray for
those in authority. I fear we often fail on both
	And, it is more important now that we exercise our
duties and out privileges within this government
because it is very likely we may not be able to do so
much longer. There are both antidemocratic and
anti-Christian spirits loose in the country that are
most troubling. At the tip of the attack are the sharp
pronouncements against Bible believing Christians by
also sorts of people, especially on the political
left, aided by much of the media. Then there are the
efforts of politicians, fearful of people like the
“Swift Boat Veterans,” to silence political speech
they do not control. No matter what these politicians
have done to silence free speech is in direct conflict
with American rights under the Constitution.
	Many things hang in the balance with this election. A
lot of States including Georgia have Eminent Domain
questions on their ballots. The promise of people to
have and keep their land is a fundamental one in the
Bible. It is one of the things men will enjoy during
the Millennial Kingdom when the Lord Jesus Christ
reigns and rules. We need to tear away the evil ruling
made by the Supreme Court that attacks that principle.
Voting for the people’s right over their own property
is a biblical act and a moral one.
	Going into this election we’ve heard all sorts of
things. Too bad so many political strategists are
lawyers. They tell us things like a certain person
voted to decrease spending in an area. The truth may
be they voted against an increase in wasteful
spending, which is only the same thing on an opponents
tongue. They tell us all sorts of things and we must
dig through the lies for truth.

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