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Military of 21st Century Includes Horses


            Normally I do not read USA Today since I do not agree with its liberal agenda. But since the Gladney family of Scotland makes up part of my genetic heritage, I take the free ones provided by motels when I am traveling. Thus it was that the article by Dave Moniz on 8 October 2002 came to my attention. It was titled "Afghanistan's Lessons Shaping New Military." It had a picture titled "On Patrol: U.S. Army special operations soldiers gallop down a shallow riverbed during a horseback patrol…" That was an attention getting picture where they began to tell more than they knew.

            The second paragraph of the article helps to further illustrate the point I am getting to. It said, "Without a single battle tank or armored troop carrier, the United States and a ragtag rebel army routed Afghanistan's Taliban to claim the first major battle of the 21st century. The Pentagon's most important weapons: elite commandos riding into battle on horseback and thousands of satellite guided smart bombs." Not once in all the article did the author of the piece demonstrate that he understood the full implications of what he was saying, but you dear reader will see it clearly when we have finished with this page.

            It was not that long ago that those who opposed the literal understanding of Scripture were having a field day with people like me. One of the key areas of criticism has been the idea of massive armies coming together in apocalyptic warfare mounted on horses in the midst of what were apparent descriptions of modern weapons of destruction. The oil embargo of the last century had given them pause in their criticism of mounted soldiers in the last days, but they had come back with a vengeance as prophetic preaching had fallen into disrepute.

            Until Afghanistan the critics would have told you that World War One demonstrated the folly of a routine use of horses for moving soldiers about a battlefield, but the hardy horse continues to find a place for himself in the affairs of men. I watched the Libyan Desert Cavalry drilling in 1967 and 1968 after the Six Day War. Those men did not take their role in the affairs of mortal combat to be either outdated or passe'. They were both quite serious and very good at the skills they were practicing. It is an axiom that men who take themselves seriously should not be treated lightly.

            For me it is a wonderful thing to consider how trustworthy the Word of God is. I can believe it when it speaks about things that have happened and I can believe it about things that it says will happen. Men can criticize, deny, and disregard the Word, but that will not alter its eventual fulfillment one whit. I am looking forward to seeing those white horses that will be present when the Lord Jesus Christ comes again.

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