Terrorists In America: Interdiction

24 July 2004

            Reports vary between 63,000 and 100,000 emigrants have been detained in the past year. Some 70% have been deported. Some deported committed crimes back in the 1970’s. The Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996, a law that was retroactive when it was passed, provided the teeth to earlier law to do this.

People opposing this law say it puts legal immigrants under unfair double jeopardy. They are being deported for crimes they have already paid their debt to society for. The reality is any person can commit a felony but immigrants already had other laws that applied to them and now they are being used.. These laws allow for removing people who give reason to consider they do not appreciate the privilege of living here enough to be law abiding. For myself, I have problems with the idea of people immigrating to the United States that do not work to become citizens. It makes sense that they would want the privilege of citizenship if they really appreciated being here.

This is going on while we are still losing the war on illegal immigration. People from the Middle East are coming into the U.S. through Canada and Mexico. In the last 6 months this immigration has increased and the numbers are continuing to rise. That some of these people are our remorseless enemies is demonstrated by the manner in which they come in. They arrive lacking the basic skills that would be acquired by people wanting to assimilate themselves into the society. The conclusion is that they are coming for one reason only, to be the foot soldiers of a new round of terrorism.

Some enemies are spending lots of money on this because coming into the U.S., especially through Mexico, is not cheap. There are a lot of palms to be greased along the route of the “Reconquista.” The current plan seems to be using converts to Islam gained through the prison system to pilfer materials and supplies to outfit these “shock troops,” while long term “sleepers” continue to lie low, gather intelligence, and help make plans for these expendable people to perform. We need do to get the hidden enemies who plan and direct evil, hence the 1996 law.

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