Anti-Semitic Law & Order

Dr. Michael L. Ford


            Perhaps you thought, as I did, that the Law & Order television series had enough Jewish actors involved in its production to avoid being involved in propaganda against Israel or Americans who are Jewish? NBC’s variations of Law & Order have offended me on a number of occasions in the promotion of the liberal agenda, but there is not much on television these days that does not offend from time to time. But frankly, though there have been several times I thought they were headed toward being anti-Semitic they had never quite definitely stepped over the line until the Criminal Intent episode aired 27 February 2007.

            Probably everyone is aware that Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated with what was originally thought to be thallium and was later determined to be polonium. He was not the only person “gotten” in this manner. The list includes Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and not only the victims’ connections and conceivable reasons for death, but also the manner, has a Russian signature to it. The Russians have a history from Cold War times of embracing esoteric forms of assassination. In short, there is no logical connection in real life events with Israel and Jews except the most likely suspects in the real assassinations are anti-Semitic.

            The Law & Order series producers take pride in basing their programs on real life events. So why would they make a program where the victim of polonium poisoning would be linked to Israel? Why would they try to imply that the Jewish State might conduct such assassinations unless they were trying to make Israel look bad? Why would they show American Jews conspiring to cover up evidence of such an assassination unless they wanted to create an atmosphere of the old anti-Semitic suspicion that Jews are not loyal, patriotic citizens of their country? That is an old charge haters of Jews have over and over again used to promote Jewish persecution.

            There is something ugly going on in America these days. A propaganda machine is gearing up with Jews, Christians, and Israel in its sights. What took place on NBC last month is the tip of the pervasive evil that is lumbering into motion. It is a scary thing.

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