Offensive Bibles

Dr. Michael L. Ford

            The Telegraph, British news agency, is reporting that “offensive Bibles” may be banned in England. For nearly two hundred years Bibles have been readily available at the bedside of hospital patients. The Bible was to be banned after “senior officials” decided that the presence of Bibles “might offend” ethnic minorities even though there had been no complaint about them. There are two things that one might quickly conclude about the decision of the unnamed officials. The first is they are not favorably disposed to Christianity and the second is that they are fearful men overwhelmed by the desire to be politically correct.

            To come up with a justification for their evil, senior officials of the University of Leicester NHS Trust said that the presence of Bibles helped spread MRSA Bacteria. They came to this conclusion without a shred of evidence and even though the issue was disputed by experts in the field. The Gideons International now finds themselves having to spend money commissioning a surgeon and microbiologist to study the risk of infection. This has been a common practice in other areas where Christianity has been attacked. The raising of side issues to distract with the real issue, a hatred of God.

            Well, the officials said, “religious” texts will still be available through the chaplains. I suppose those would be bacteria free. No not even out of the wrapper. Removing Bibles from bedside interferes with the method by which many come to salvation in hospital. In their duress, and on the spur of the moment they reach for the Bible and find the One who is eternal life, and has healing in His wings. If they have to wait for a chaplain to come by or for a request to be forwarded the moment where they might come to salvation might pass. I think the devils know this and the people who came up with this idea are their tools.

            Even some Muslims in England were offended by the decision, even though their main objection was one of maintaining tradition. Even a Sikh leader came out in favor of the Bibles remaining in place. Several years ago a Church of England official stated England was no longer a Christian nation, and when we have to cite other religions officials for support for our cause we prove he was right.                                                         8 June 2005

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