Why Judiciary Must Be Defended?
Dr. Michael L. Ford
1 July 2005
	It was with interest, and considerable misgivings
that I watched the news televise the swearing in of
Georgia Chief Justice Leah Sears last Tuesday. In her
speech she spoke of defending the judiciary. Later
when I read the commentary in the papers about that
speech, I realized the reporters put a different slant
on what she said than what I heard out of her mouth.
What else is new in journalism today?
	Apparently she had either listened to or read what
Justice Kennedy had said to the Florida Bar
Association the previous Friday and put her own amen
to it. The Associated Press had titled Kennedy’s
remarks “Lawyers must defend judiciary from attacks.”
His words were actually very like Sears who said "We
must resist all temptations to intimidate judges or to
otherwise ask them to answer for the hard decisions
they are being required to make." In other words both
voiced an opinion that they should be above the law,
the Constitution, and accountability for how they
carry out their responsibilities.
	Kennedy called criticism of court decisions
“worrisome.” Since the high court has decided the
Constitution means nothing except what they say at the
moment; citizens have no property rights except to pay
taxes; protesting the murder of the unborn is
equivalent to organized crime; judges can order the
starvation of the disabled; and, the fundamental
principles and belief this nation was founded upon
must now be exiled from public life, he has cause to
consider the recognition of their evil actions
	People have a fundamental understanding of the truth
of the words of Joseph Story "And it is no less true,
that personal security and private property rest
entirely upon the wisdom, the stability, and the
integrity of the courts of justice." (Commentaries on
the Constitution (1833). The closing actions of this
session of the nations highest court has succeeded in
undermining confidence American citizens should be
able to have in their courts of justice. Thus, those
who have acted to undermine the security of the
citizenry have cause to fear the groundswell of
criticism that recognizes that there can be no
trusting in American courts for justice. Call the
courts’ acts what they are…treason.

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