Guantanamo and London
Dr. Michael Ford
8 July 2005
Much as I hate to admit it, for some months I have had
something in common with hand wringing liberals. I
have been upset over the conditions at Guantanamo.
There the similarity ends. My complaint is that the
terrorists kept there are coddled instead of being
treated as the murdering, raping, terrorists that they
are. They are so well fed there is a weight problem
among the detainees. And, they are ultimately being
turned loose to go back to the evil behaviors they
were involved in before they were captured.
Some months ago I wrote the name of a man named Mullah
Shazada, also known as Mohammed Yusif Yaqeb in my
notebook. Yaqeb was released in May 2003. He proceeded
to become the head of Taliban operations in southern
Afghanistan and was killed one year later in a fight
with U.S. forces. Also a Maulavi Abdul Ghaffar, was
released and returned to Afghanistan. As a regional
commander, Ghaffar helped carry out attacks on U.S.
troops in Afghanistan until he was killed by Afghan
forces in September 2004. 
One of the more notable cases involved Mohammed
Ismail, one of two teens let go in 2004. Recaptured
four months later fighting American troops in
Afghanistan he was carrying a letter confirming his
status as a “Taliban member in good standing." One of
the most publicized cases,. Ismail, was originally
released to great fanfare. Ismail had a press
conference at which he thanked the United States for
educating him, teaching him to read and write at
Guantanamo. They made him an educated terrorist.
When the multiple bombing took place in London, I was
up and writing at my computer. I knew about the
unhappy event almost immediately, and stayed glued to
the television, thinking of those British people I had
come to know over the years, and praying for those
caught in this awful event. In the course of watching
the unfolding story I learned that four terrorists who
were British citizens had been returned to England and
released because there was no law to hold them. What
if we learn even one of them had a hand in the
bombings that just took place in London? Being too
easy on terrorists embarrasses the Nation.

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