Minister of Education Reports


                                                Coloring Between the Lines


Recently some people prominent in education and politics have said teaching children to color preprinted pictures is bad for them. The argument goes that since they are provided a picture, their imagination is squelched. Because they are encouraged to color between the lines, their ability to be creative is diminished. Obviously the people who came up with this idea have not spent much time working with children.


One of the problems we see in adults today is they have a problem with preprinted pictures and coloring between the lines. By this I mean there are certain things we are supposed to be responsible about as part of being an adult. This is the preprinted picture. And, there are certain things we  are supposed to do as part of being an adult. Doing them is coloring between the lines. More and more we see people who have problems with that.


Our government seems to believe that it is bad for adults to have to use the preprinted picture and to color between the lines. They make it more easy all the time for the irresponsible to escape accountability for their actions. (That is, unless it is the IRS collecting taxes.) People are now encouraged to not pay the bills they have made. They are encouraged to not care for the children they have brought into the world. The HIV positive addict or homosexual is even protected from being accountable for the infection of others. We can compile quite a long list of places where men and women are no longer expected to be responsible human beings.


This is not the case with Godís law however. He will hold mankind responsible for the preprinted pictures He has given us. This is true whether we are speaking of the picture presented in Godís creation or the more detailed picture given in His word. Every idle word or thought has an accountability. So does our actions. God gives man the opportunity to live in His world and glorify Him. He expects us to color between the lines by living our lives according to His precepts.


Men quite often get away with not doing what they should, as far as the government of man is concerned, just like children all too often get away with not obeying momma and daddy. This is too bad. People get the idea that because they can ďget overĒ in this world, they can do that with God. It wont happen. There comes a day in the life of every person when the failure to color between the lines reflects poorly on them. Before God the day to get between the lines and stay there is now.


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