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Rhetoric Against Christians Increase




            Tom Daschle, as the outgoing Senate majority leader blamed the Democratic losses in the past election in part of "religious fundamentalists." Clearly he was not talking about Muslims living in the United States who make up less than one percent of the population. No, he was talking about  Fundamentalist Christians of which I happen to be one. While I agree with Daschle that people who believe the message of the Bible is literally true voted against Democratic ideals in the last election, I am concerned about his implied message that something needs to be done about these people.

            The media continue to aid and abet the attitude that he conveyed in his war of words against Christianity. When they finally got around to talking about that part of what he had said, they changed his words to religious extremists. The message there is that if you do not agree with them based on Christian ethics you are an extremist and as dangerous as any Islamic terrorist.

            This is the next stage in the attack upon Christians who hold to what the Bible teaches in a literal sense. Before such people were tied in the diatribe to such groups as religious neo-nazis and skinheads, and all at the same time. The verbal assault has progressed a lot from the days when Hillary was making Bible believing Christians part of a right wing conspiracy. (In her definitions right wing conspiracies were bad and left wing conspiracies were good.)

            I am reminded that Bill Clinton once said he was going to have to do something about Christians picketing abortion clinics. The Ricco statutes set up to go against organized crime were then turned on these people. Some provisions of the homeland security act seem tailor made for the suppression of Bible believing Christians in the future. We will see how it goes.


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