Boycotting the Play Offs

 I do not expect to start a movement.

But personally I have had enough.

My feelings about the Rafael Furcal incident are not aimed at him personally.

For me they are the last straw, and I have decided that what they do is not important enough to ignore how they act.

             Rafael Furcal got drunk. It was apparently the first time he got caught drunk driving since June 2000, when he was caught out on the roads endangering people’s lives before. Like any drunken driver this does not mean this was the first time he has driven drunk in that time. It just means this is the first time he got caught and the officer charged him. What ticks me off is that Cobb County Judge David Darden, instead of immediately locking the man up and throwing the book at him gave him a big break. He is only going to do 21 days in jail and he gets to wait till the season is over.

            Frankly I am sick and tired of some people in this country, especially sports figures, being given special treatment.

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