Oscar and Nobel Prizes

Dr. Michael L. Ford

October 2007


            Sometimes we have to congratulate our enemies on their dedication to the goals they have set for themselves. For nearly two years I watched Al Gore in his campaign to acquire the Nobel Prize and now that he has achieved that he deserves to be congratulated, not for getting a prize that has been rendered meaningless, but for his dedication to his goals. He managed to get two significant recognitions, known to the world, from his liberal friends, one right after the other; an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. And he campaigned for those as hard as he ever did for public office.

            In getting these two awards Al Gore has proven Michael Moore is not the only person who can get an Oscar for a pseudo documentary that does not qualify as a documentary under the rules of the Academy. And he has also proven that, unlike Moore, he can also get a Nobel Prize out of the same body of work, which should also have been disqualified under the Nobel committee rules as well. When it comes to rules, Al Gore understands there are rules for the general masses and then there is the absence of rules for New Age global elitists like his self. There is only the need to fit into the agenda productively.

            When Tipper Gore led the charge against evil music some years ago many Christians thought they had sympathetic friends in the Gores. A few contributed to Alís rise in government. They turned a blind eye to who his friends were even back then. It is my hope the majority of these have now removed their blinders and realize this is a man with troubling ideas and attitudes. Those behind this whole Global Warming scam want to use the scare to gain power and control over the everyday lives of their fellowman. They wish to regiment others lives in ways that have nothing to do with the environment. And here is Al back in a position of prominence among them. Al Gore proved when he sacrificed his professed beliefs to become Bill Clintonís running mate prestige meant more than ideals. That is the one thing about him that never changed.

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